Upcoming dates

April 26th,

at Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, NY

Roots and Ruckus Festival


April 27th, 6pm

NYFA I New York Film Academy: 17 Battery Pl, NYFA Screening Room, New York, NY 10004

FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2023 (10th Annual Awards Night)

April 27th, 8pm

Spaguetti Ramadan with Mehrnam Rastegari : vocals/ Kemenche and Farah Barqawi : vocals,

Great Small Works and Fihi Ma Fihi production

at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden, Manhattan, NY

9th street between Avenue B and C


Past gigs


March 30th, 8pm

at Barbes, Brooklyn, NY



February 26th, 1pm

at Flushing Town Hall, Queens, NY

Mini Global series concert

Argentina meets France

With Pablo Aslan and Julien Labro (1st set)

Eléonore Weill solo (2nd set)


January 31st, 7pm

at Saint-Paul Chapel of Columbia University, NY

Solo concert : vocals, piano, hurdy-gurdy, wooden flutes, accordion



January 29th, 6:30pm

at Independant Repertory Theater, New York

with Bayan Kiwan : vocals, Éléonore Weill : vocals, piano and Raffie Boden : Cello


September 8th, 8:15pm

at Berlin Under A, Manhattan, NY

with Jake Winstrom, Julia Haltigan, THEMME and more!


April 2, 10pm

Tsibele at barbes, Brooklyn,  NY, USA


March 6, 10pm

Midwood at Fürt Festival, Germany

July 21, 7pm
Duo Lustik at Café Plùm, Lautrec, Tarn, France

July 22, 7pm
Duo Lustik at Eglise de Massals, Tarn, France

July 27, 7pm
Duo Lustik at Centre Medem, 52 rue Renée Boulanger, 75010, Paris, France

July 29, 1-7 pm
Tsibele at Brooklyn Root Festival, Lefferts Historic House & Children’s Corner, Ocean Avenue at Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA


May 13, 8pm
Midwood at The Owl Music Parlor, 497 Rodgers avenue, Brooklyn

May 10, 7pm
Midwood CD release concert at Eldridge Street Synagogue, 12 Eldridge Street New York

May 8
Tsibele and Veveritse Band at Barbes, Brooklyn (376 9th Street)

September 28, 8 pm
FADA at Barbes, Brooklyn (376 9th Street)

Lùm Tour :

August 7 Quorle, Italy

August 6 Ördögkatlan, Hungary

August 5 Ördögkatlan, Hungary

August 4 Ördögkatlan, Hungary

August 3 Ördogkatlan, Hungary

July 31 Kali-Kapocs Mindszentkalla, Hungary

July 30 Visegrad, Hungary

July 28 Magyar Kanizsa, Serbia

July 27 Maria Saal, Austria

July 25 Correns, France

July 24 Vence, France

July 23 Sausses festival, France

July 18 Correns, France

July 17 Cafe Plùm Lautrec, France

July 16 Festival Nuits atypiques, St Macaire, France

July 15 Projektor, Paris, France

July 12  ”Brooklyn Spirituals”  at the Centre Medem, Paris,
Nigunim, jewish music composed and improvised with Joey Weisenberg (vocals, guitar) and Jake Shulman-Ment (vocals, violin)

June 30 Tsibele at Barbes, Brooklyn, NY

June 18 Tsibele at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY